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Apr 3, 2023 | Along the Byway

Submitted by Rockin’ Ron Carter. In addition to its natural beauty, the Cambridge, Vermont area offers other ways to relax. Maybe, one of them appeals to your taste buds.

Stella 14 Wines was launched in 2020 when David and Lauren Keck took over the lease for the beautiful vineyard at Boyden Farm. Since then, they have been growing grapes organically and making wine with minimal intervention and additions. In 2022 they opened their tasting room on Main Street in Jeffersonville, which continues to be open to the public Thursday-Saturday, year-round!

Lauren and David Keck of Stella 14, at their tastefully decorated Tasting Room.

Ron and Jeremy Elliott, a father/son team, own and operate Smugglers’ Notch Distillery®.  They create small batch, award-winning spirits, one bottle at a time. Attention to detail, the finest American-made and locally grown raw materials, and of course, pure Vermont spring water are what make their spirits special and of the highest quality. Whether it’s Double-Gold winning Vodka or gins, bourbons, and cream liqueurs, all of their products garner accolades as top-notch pours. Stop by their Tasting Room on Route 15 in Jeffersonville, which is open daily.

Smugglers’ Notch Distillery – visit their Tasting Room.

The recently opened Cambridge Cannabis on Church Street in Jeffersonville.

Boyden Valley – famous for their Maple Liqueurs. Located at the intersection of Routes 15 and 104 in Cambridge Village.

Red Leaf Gluten Free Brewery on Main Street in Jeffersonville.

Brewster River Pub & Brewery on Route 108, near Smugglers’ Notch Resort.

Stella 14’s Tasting Room on Main Street in Jeffersonville.

Smugglers’ Notch Distillery’s popular Vermont Maple Syrup Bourbon.


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