Dec 31, 2018 | Stowe Vermont

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Well, it’s that time of year again.  The first flurries have already coated beautiful Stowe, Vermont with their magic.  There is nothing quite like waking up to the first snow of the season, no matter how brief it lasts. Inevitably, the first snow immediately gets us thinking about skiing! Here at Stowe Nordic we understand that not everybody shares our passion for cross-country skiing – but we think they should, and this is why!

It’s good for your body
Cross-country skiing is one of the best cardiovascular exercises a human being can possibly do.  This means it’s good for your heart, and also your waistline.  Yes, there is almost no other sport that will burn more calories for you than Nordic skiing.  Why is that?  Unlike running, you have to use your whole body to properly cross-country ski.  Pushing off with your poles is just as important as pushing off with your skis.  So this translates to working out your lower body AND upper body in a nearly equal ratio. If you only have time for one exercise activity, it is important it is not just exercising one part of your body.  Cross-country skiing uses an incredibly diverse group of muscles, and really is the epitome of the whole body workout.

It’s good for your mind
Nordic skiing is one of those activities that has the potential to immediately put you into flow state. Flow state has been extensively written about in the past decade as the state your mind goes to when all the chatter goes away. Constant mind chatter is normal for humans, but there is something to be gained from quieting that chatter. Mediation is the quintessential way to achieve flow state, but more and more people are talking about the potential of action sports to achieve this mind state. When you reach flow state in your mind, you achieve a certain trance-like clarity. This is valuable not only for stress relief, but also for the having of wonderful ideas!  So next time you are cross-country skiing in Stowe, think flow!

It’s good for your soul
Something special happens when a person is immersed in our natural world. It is that unexplainable feeling of oneness with your surroundings. This can have powerful effects on a person’s well being and mood. Human beings were born from nature, and it is important to immerse yourself in nature every so often.

One of the best ways to do this is to go for a cross-country ski! Nordic skiing in the Green Mountains of Stowe, Vermont is an experience like no other. The sheer beauty on the right day, with the sun shining just right, reflecting off some freshly fallen snow has the power to transport you to a happier place. Even on a grey day, skiing out to the boundaries and taking a look into the frozen natural world around you can be transformative.

It’s fun
Yes, plain and simple, cross-country skiing in Stowe is fun. There is no doubt about it. For all the reasons listed above, such as mind clarity, getting some exercise, communing with nature, and also because it is a super fun sport to try and get better at. It takes a bit to get good at Nordic skiing. But this is a good thing; it gives you something to work towards. Setting small goals and working towards them is a surefire way to have fun. Each and every time you are cross-country skiing, you will notice that you get a little better at something. No matter how big or small the achievement, it is fun to get better!

It’s social
Cross-country skiing does not have to be social, indeed it can be a practice in solitude and bonding with the natural world. But it certainly can be, and here at Stowe Nordic we know that better than anyone!  With moonlight social skis, group training sessions, monthly meetings and a club trip to Quebec City – we got you covered on the social front. You can never have too many friends and why not make some new ones while enjoying a healthy activity together.

So there you have it – Stowe Nordic’s top 5 reasons you should be cross country skiing here in beautiful Stowe, Vermont.  Questions? Comments?  Let us know. Want to become a member? Click here to join our ever growing club!  And from all of us at Stowe Nordic, happy skiing, and we’ll see you out there!

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