News from Morristown

Sep 15, 2020 | Along the Byway

2020 will be a year that not many of us will ever forget. COVID 19 has changed our lives in ways that none of us ever imagined. Festivals and events were cancelled, physical distancing with masks were mandated but that did not stop people from enjoying our wonderful Lamoille region. Between hiking and biking trails, swimming and fishing holes there has always something for everyone.

Morristown, like many communities had to cancel many events, we did host seven weeks of live music at Oxbow Park on Wednesday nights and we’ll be hosting our annual painted chair auction on Saturday, September 26. The event will be held at Oxbow Park, 257 Portland St., Morrisville at 10:00am.

This is the 9th year of the painted chair auction. There are 25 fabulous chairs including a couple double chairs, a few benches and some small tables that have been painted by local citizens and Peoples Academy AP art classes and they have adorned the streets of downtown Morrisville all summer long.

With the leaves starting to change and a bit of a chill in the air we encourage you to enjoy the many towns and villages along the Green Mountain Byway. It’s a fabulous route that takes you over the hills and through the woods and it’s all within a couple hours’ drive.


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